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#59, RE: лук, взгляд и пр.
Автор Thietmar2 08-05-13 в 11:52 PM
В ответ на сообщение #50
///Еще одно доказательство. Благодаря хорошему фото, наконец-то разглядел, что у него плечах - солдатская накидка, что-то вроде плащ-палатки.///

Полагаю что на плечах не солдатская накидка, а полосатый шарф для тюрбана. Такие подобные полосатые тюрбаны носили офицеры British Indian Army в 19 веке, первой половине 20 века, да и сейчас носят.



Jemadar and NCOs, 1897

The officer on the left is a Pathan with a flamboyant turban. His kurta has gold lace round the red collar and red cuffs laced with gold. But white gauntlets cover these up. He has 3 rows of black cord across his chest, below which his gold laced pouchbelt is worn. The waistbelt is also gold and worn over a red cummerbund, the ends of which are highly decorated with Kashmir embroidery. His baggy white pantaloons are tucked into black boots.
The mounted man is a lance daffadar with a rough-rider badge.He is a Pathan from Hazara. His kurta is blue and he has a red sash under his Sam Browne belt. The other man on the right is a Baluchi daffadar. He holds his curved sword and a Martini Henry carbine, which is some years out of date, but would fit into the leather holster on the saddle. Both men have blue puttees.

Текст выделенный красным: Офицер слева Патан. Он Патан из хазарейцев (хазар).

Патана название Хазарии.


Карта: Tribal locations of the Pathans

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