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Название темыGeopolymer 2005 World Congress
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4113, Geopolymer 2005 World Congress
Послано guest, 16-06-2004 23:31

As a tribute to Prof. Dr. Joseph Davidovits' 70th birthday in 2005, and
the 25th anniversary of the first geopolymer patents, (Na-K)-PSS types,
this is a tentative proposal for the organization of the GEOPOLYMER

We would like to invite all private and public research groups,
scientists, students, doctorates, working on geopolymer science and
applications, and related fields to take this unique opportunity by
participating and presenting their results.


The GEOPOLYMER 2005 WORLD CONGRESS gathers two major events in two
different locations:
1. The 4th International Conference on Geopolymer Science and
Related Applications, GEOPOLYMER 2005, in Saint-Quentin, France (North
of Paris), end of June/July 2005, organized by the Geopolymer
2. The International Workshop on Geopolymer Cements and Concrete
GEOPOLYMER 2005, in Perth, Australia, end of September 2005, organized
by Curtin University of Technology.

Please, visit the following page, and fill the online form to express
your interest:

We need to get your input as soon as possible because we would like to
know how many people are willing to attend the conference, and we wish
to welcome them with the best conditions.
In addition, we are planing to grant funds for overseas participants,
students and scientists coming especially from the new European Union
countries, Middle East, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, and

Please forward this message to a colleague or friend of yours.

Thank you for your interest in the geopolymer chemistry and technology.

Ralph Davidovits
The Geopolymer Institute Team