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urine (n.) ( orine, urine); urina - ; PIE *ur-, *we-r- - , ,
c. 1300, from Old French orine, urine (12c.) and directly from Latin urina "urine," from PIE *ur- (source also of Greek ouron "urine"), variant of root *we-r- "water, liquid, milk" (source also of Sanskrit var "water," Avestan var "rain," Lithuanian jures "sea," Old English wær, Old Norse ver "sea," Old Norse ur "drizzling rain"), related to *eue-dh-r

From Proto-Indo-European *ur, *uh₁r-; compare Ancient Greek οὖρον ‎(oûron), ούρα ‎(oúra, urine); variant of root *awer- ‎(to moisten, flow , ), cf. *weh₁r- ‎(water, liquid, milk , , ). See also Sanskrit वार् ‎(vār, water), Avestan ‎(var, rain), Lithuanian jūra ‎(sea), Old English wær, Old Norse ver ‎(sea), ur ‎(drizzling rain).

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