Yury Alexandrovich Elkhov.

Documental films about New Chronology (there is a variant of films with English subtitles).
Producer center UNIVERSE.
Scriptwriter, director and producer - Yury Alexandrovich Elkhov.
Fragments of the interview with А.Т.Fomenko and G.V.Nosovsky are included in the film.
Film was published with the permission of the author Yuri Elhov

Mystification. NONEXISTING MILLENIUM Film one, 2012.

In the Middle Ages, after acceptance of the count of years «Anno Domini», before the dates, written with Roman figures, letter «Х» (хи) was put – the first letter in the word Christ, written in Greek. This letter meant: «from Christ, … century».
If a date was written in Arabic figures, then a Latin letter «I» or «J» was put before it (the first letter in the word Jesus, written in Greek or Latin), meaning – «from Jesus, definite century».
Later it was successfully forgotten.
Today the letters «Х» (хи), «I» and «J» before dates we read not like letters, but like figure 10 or like «one thousand years», that is the tens century.
So the chronology of our civilization was artificially prolonged for 1000 years, filling this nonexisting millennium with phantom events (which took place in reality, but absolutely in different time) and personages.
The history in the form, in which it exists today, was dated only in the sixteenth-seventeenth centuries of the «conventional» Common Era by the medieval chronologists Joseph Scaliger and Dionisius Petavius. Before them nobody divided the universal chronology on the «Common Era» and «Before Christ» and knew nothing about any «antiquity B.C.».
By the way, many volumes of the «antique» literature were issued and edited exactly at that time.


Film two (2 parts on two DVD), 2013.

Even the most quick look at the picturesque webs of the outstanding medieval Western European painters on the topics of «Christmas», «Christianization» and «Crucifixion» of Christ tell about inconformity of the landscape of the surroundings of Biblical Nazareth, river Jordan and mountain Calvary in Jerusalem, expressed on the pictures of these painters, with that poor stony, waterless, dry landscape of modern Israel, Palestine and Jordan at the Middle East, which are presented today to trustful pilgrims and tourists for real holy Biblical sites…
The film in a convincing and well-reasoned way tells, where all this happened in reality. The shooting took place in Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Turkey, Russia and in Crimea on the cape Fiolent.

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