Treasury of Aachen Dom (Cathedral). Germany, city of Aachen
Stephan Beissel S.J.

<<Kunstschatze des Aachener Kaiserdomes. Werke der Goldschmiedekunst, Elfenbeinschnitzerei und Textilkunst>>

M.Gladbach. Druck und Verlag von B.Ku"hlen. Anstalt fu"r Christliche Kunst. 1904.

See our book: A.T.Fomenko, G.V.Nosovskiy, "Biblical Russia", Chapter 16.

In the Dom of German city Aachen one of the most famous works of the medieval art – the cross of imperator Lothar is kept. It is considered, that a luxurious cross, decorated with precious stones was made around 1000 year A.D. [1165], p.89. We will give more details about it in our further chapters. Here we want to pay attention on the back side of the cross, pic.5.124. On the top under the crucifixion an Osman half-moon is seen, pic.5.125. But especially interesting is a picture of the crying Holy Mary, inclined near the crucifixion. On her head there is a big OSMAN HALF-MOON, pic.5.126. This is a very rare, remained until our time picture of Holy Mary. It clearly shows, that half-moon was considered an important Christian symbol, connected with Christ and Holy Mary. Also, pay attention to unusual for us signature under the crucifixion, pic.5.125.