Albrecht Durer.
"Arch of Glory of Imperator Maximilian I"

(Full facsimile reproduction)

See chapter 18 "Miscellaneous", paragraph 8, in the book "Reconstruction", which is a 7th volume (CHRON7) of the first edition of the seven-volume book "Chronology. The first canon".

In 1999 for the first time in Russia (in the book "Reconstruction of the universal history" (3), 1999, Appendix 1, and also Chapter 6, paragraph 6) we fully published "Arch of Glory", created by �.Durer and his employees, as it is considered, in the XVI century. We used the available for us unique German edition [1067]. "Arch of Glory" was reproduced in [1067] on 36 sheets 50�70 sm.
Although these sheets are of big size, even on them some details of engravings are rather small. We reproduce "Arch of Glory" especially in a large scale, as many small details and plots, important for restoration of correct history of the Middle Ages, are placed on it. These are signatures under engravings, emblems, honors on the clothes, military banners, ancient arms, historical persons etc. Although, as we showed in chapter 18:8 of the book "Reconstruction" (CHRON7), this outstanding work was most likely subject to tendentious editorial proof in the XVII-XVIII centuries, still it brings a lot of valuable information. Its importance is especially seen in terms of new chronology. In fact, on the "Arch of Glory" in a short form the history of an important period, the Great = "Mongol" Empire is described.

By the way, today this outstanding work of A.Durer and his colleagues for some reason is not advertised by the publishers, is nearly not published, and because of this is little known. In all accessible for us usual albums of A.Durer in the best case seldom only an overall view of the "Arch of Glory" is provided. But due to its big size it is nearly impossible to see any details on such book pictures. All this looks rather strange. With great difficulty we finally managed to find in an antique book shop in Germany an edition, which already became a rarity long ago [1067]. But due to big size of sheets (50 � 70 sm.) this wide format album-folder was issued in its time in a very limited number of copies and today is nearly not accessible. It may happen that publication of the "Arch of Glory" in our book "Reconstruction of the universal history (3)" (1999) is the first publication in the world, that gives possibility to see better all the details of engravings, made by A.Durer and his colleagues. The reasons of such restraint of modern historians relatively to the "Arch of Glory" of Durer probably becomes clear after our analysis of its contest, see book "Reconstruction" (CHRON7) ch.18:8. Looks like the thing is that ancient pictures on the "Arch of Glory" sometimes hardly fit in the Scaligerian version of history, in spite of all the efforts of the editors of the XVII-XVIII centuries to "smooth" this work.

Quotes from the work of Eduard Chmelarz DIE EHRENPFORTE DES KAISERS MAXIMILIAN I. (Arch of Glory of Imperator Maximilian)

First published in Wien in 1886. ������� ������������ � ���� � 1886�.