many-values work, created and published under the request of Napoleon

# [1100] <<Description de l'Egypte. Publie'e sous les ordes de Napole'on de Bonaparte. Description de l'E'gypte ou recueil des observations et des recherches qui ont e'te' faites en Egypte pendant l'expe'dition de l'Arme'e francaise publie' sous les ordes de Napole'on Bonaparte>>. Bibliothe`que de l'Image. Inter-Livres. 1995.

In 1798 Napoleon Bonaparte came to Egypt near Alexandria. French intervention to Egypt starts. The Army of Napoleon was accompanied by a group of painters, who drew ancient monuments and fixed modern for them state of Egypt. Based on these materials a fundamental book "Description of Egypt" was made. We used it many times, in particular in our book "The Empire" (CHRON5), presented on the web

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Capital I, lists 1-54