Fomenko, Anatoly Timofeevich.

Fomenko, Anatoly Timofeevich. Born in 1945. Full Member (Academician) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Full Member of the International Higher Education Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Head of the Moscow State University Section of Mathematics of the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics. Solved Plateau's Problem from the theory of minimal spectral surfaces. Author of the theory of invariants and topological classification of integrable Hamiltonian dynamic systems. Laureate of the 1996 National Premium of the Russian Federation (in Mathematics) for a cycle of works on the Hamiltonian dynamical systems and manifolds' invariants theory. Author of 200 scientific publications, 28 monographs and textbooks on mathematics, a specialist in geometry and topology, calculus of variations, symplectic topology, Hamiltonian geometry and mechanics, computer geometry.
Author of a number of books on the development of new empirico-statistical methods and their application to the analysis of historical chronicles as well as the chronology of antiquity and the Middle Ages.

Also by Anatoly T. Fomenko
(List is non-exhaustive)

Differential Geometry and Topology. – Plenum Publishing Corporation, 1987. USA, Consultants Bureau, New York and London.
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Topological Variational Problems. – Gordon and Breach, 1991.
Integrability and Nonintegrability in Geometry and Mechanics. – Kluwer Academic Publishers, The Netherlands, 1988.
The Plateau Problem. Volumes 1 and 2. – Gordon and Breach, 1990 (Studies in the Development of Modern Mathematics).
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Topological Classification of Integrable Systems. – Advances in Soviet Mathematics. Volume 6, USA, American Mathematical Society, 1991.
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Integrable Hamiltonian Systems: Geometry, Topology, Classification. In collaboration with A. V. Bolsinov. – Chapman & Hall / CRC, 2004.
Empirico-Statistical Analysis of Narrative. Material and its Applications to Historical Dating. – Volume 1: The Development of the Statistical Tools. Volume 2: The Analysis of Ancient and Mediaeval Records. Kluwer Academic Publishers, The Netherlands, 1994.
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