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The “Private” Crown of Rudolf II which he had ordered in 1602 to be made for him by the goldsmith Jan Vermeyen in Prague. Anselmus de Boodt assisted in the selection of the jewels. In 1804 it became also the crown of the Austrian Empire. It is decorated with enamels, four gold panels with raised scenes of Rudolf II triumphs, 8 diamonds, pearls, red spinels , rubies and a sapphire all set in gold. A red velvet cap functioning as cushion completes the layout. The crown is 28cm high and has a diameter of 22cm diameter.

А изготовил ее нидерландский живописец Ян Корнелизон Вермейен как золотых дел мастер. Да на все руки мастак.





The Holy Roman Empire crown, dating from 968, with which Rudolf II was crowned in 1576 in Regensburg. This crown is not a property of the Emperor but is kept by the Great Electors and used only during the crowing ceremony.

///Куда же девалась старая австрийская корона?
Ее императору наотрез отказались выдавать монахи-хранители из монастыря Клостернбурга.///

По всей видимости эта корона не была дадена.
А где корона 962 г. Оттона I, основателя империи.