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Послано guest, 22-02-2013 13:22
ROCK - скалище. Ужасть.
rock (n.)
"stone," Old English rocc (in stanrocc "stone rock or obelisk"), also from Old North French roque, from Medieval Latin rocca (767), from Vulgar Latin *rocca, of uncertain origin, sometimes said to be from Celtic (cf. Breton roch).

It seems to have been used in Middle English principally for rock formations as opposed to individual stones. Meaning "precious stone, especially a diamond," is 1908, U.S. slang. Figurative use for "sure foundation" (especially with reference to Christ) is from 1520s. Meaning "crystalized cocaine" is attested from 1973, in West Coast U.S. slang. Rock-bottom "lowest possible" is from 1856. Rock-salt is from 1707. Rock-ribbed is from 1776, originally of land; figurative sense of "resolute" first recorded 1887. Between a rock and a hard place first attested 1921:
to be between a rock and a hard place, vb. ph. To be bankrupt. Common in Arizona in recent panics; sporadic in California. <"Dialect Notes," vol. V, part iv, 1921>

Во как – из старосеверногофранцузского. Vulgar – интересное слово, что то до боли мне напоминает «разговор».
Ну, так, «Deep Purple», который так нравится известному лицу.
«Диск «In rock» Дие Пурпле
Очень нравится урле.
Вот так – ROCK – СКА (замена R – Л)а.
Скоренько так.
А еще - Сцилла. Ведь просто - СКАЛА (при замене "ц" - "к"). Вот так, целое ЦК пролучилось