A.T.Fomenko, G.V.Nosovskiy

There are many books on New chronology. We underline, that New chronology is not yet a long-standing, but a rapidly developing science and the books appear as far as it develops. That's why the books on New chronology until now can't yet be organized into a single common chain, which would explain everything from A to Z without repeats. Nevertheless the authors make big efforts to do this. As a result a SEVEN-VOLUME BOOK "First canon" [CHRON1]-[CHRON7] was created under the common redaction of А.Т.Fomenko, where everything, what was done in the New Chronology before 2002, is stated.
The text of the SEVEN-VOLUME BOOK is fully published on this site.
Moreover, there is search inside it in a window on the top of this page.
But at the moment the Seven-volume book already doesn't cover everything, what was done in the New chronology.
If we speak about all the books on New chronology, some of them already went out of date and are not republished any more, some of them repeat the previous ones in a renewed and revised view, some of them present popular or shortened expositions of the other books, some of them are full-color illustrated editions.
Nevertheless today it is possible to mark the books that can be conventionally called "GOLDEN RANGE". Starting from 2006 they are issued in a golden color covers (with the only exception of "Christianization of Russia", which was issued in a dark cover). These books were written "in the wake of" our studies and contain ONLY NEW developments (except the edition "Russia and Rome", about which will be written below).
At the same time, "golden" books (except "Russia and Rome") are not written for initial study, as they suppose some knowledge of the reader with the principles of New chronology and with the published earlier "Golden raw" books.

The books of the SEVEN-VOLUME and continuing it "golden" books should be read in the following sequence:

А1. Foundations of the history
А2. Methods
А3. Stars
А4. New chronology of Russia
А5. Empire
А6. Biblical Russia
А7. Reconstruction

Further studies on New chronology separate into two series (B and G) ,which can be read separately from each other: :
Golden books of series B
(reading classical sources in the light of NCh, New openings)
Б1. Tsar of the Slavs
Б2. The beginning of Horde Russia
Б3. Forgotten Jerusalem
(Б2 and Б3 could be read into any sequence)
Б4. Christianization of Russia
Б11. Christ was born in the Crimea
Golden books of series G
(dating of zodiacs and coming out of these datings consequences)
Г1. New chronology of Egypt
Г2. Ancient zodiacs of Egypt and Europe
Г3. Egyptian, Russian and Italian zodiacs
Г4. Vatican

Mentioned below books could be read in any consequence, although in some cases they could contain links to the books with lower numbers.

Б5. Cossacks-Aryans: from Russia to India
Б6. The Tsar Rome between rivers of Oka and Volga
Б7. Christ and Russia
Б8. Conquest of America by Yermak-Cortes and rebellion of the Reformation through the eyes of "ancient" Greeks
Б9. Lost Evangelistaries
Б10. Split of the Empire
Б12. Heracles
Б13. Prophet the conquer
Б14. Old maps of the Great Russian Empire
Б15. Shakhname
The book "Moscow in the light of New Chronology", although is related to "golden raw", but, compared to listed above "golden" books, is devoted not to new openings, but to the city of Moscow in the light of New Chronology. Everything, what we wrote about Moscow in our other books on different issues, is collected and put into order in it.

The following books are written for initial study:
"Russia and Rome" (one edition is in two big volumes and another, cheaper one is in seven small volumes). In a shortened popular form the contents of seven-volume book "First canon" is stated.
The series "New chronology for everybody". Is written as a TEXTBOOK on new chronology, explaining also its last achievements.
The series was published starting from 2007. 10 small format volumes were issued by 2010. The edition continues.
The series "New chronology. Small range". It consists of small books in a soft cover; each of them is devoted just to one, but key for understanding of our history, issue. All the books of the Small range are written so, that they can be read independently from each other, and also from the other books on New Chronology. This series is written in particular for those people, who, without spending much time, want to learn about the issue based on separate bright examples and to understand, if this is interesting for him or not.

Of course most of things, which are written in the books of the Small range or the series "New chronology for everybody", could be found on the pages of the "golden" books in the Seven-volume book.
It is natural, that there are crossings between the «Small range" and "New chronology for everybody".

A full list of the printed books on New chronology – including those which are not re-issued any more – could be seen at the link <<List of books on NCh (including not re-issued) >>.
Below on this page all the books on New chronology, which are in sale at the moment, are presented. At the top we place announcements about new books when they are issued.