Fomenko Tatiana Nikolaevna

Fomenko Tatiana Nikolaevna

Tatiana Nikolaevna Fomenko (Shchelokova) was born on April 12, 1948 in Frunze (now - Bishkek) of the Kyrgyz SSR.
Father – Shchelokov Nikolay Alexeevich (1921-1989) – a participant of the Great Patriotic War, had a serious fragment wound, Regular officer of the Soviet Army, had two higher military educations – general military and engineering, his military experience is about 30 years, he served in the guard division of missile troops. He had 1st category in chess, played the button accordion, drew well and wrote poetry. (Memories of daughters and poems of N.A.Shchelokov > )
Mother – Shchelokova (Ivaniy) Alexandra Matveevna (1920-2009), doctor-veterinary, graduated from agricultural institute in Frunze, veteran of the Great Patriotic War. Since 17 years was an orphan child, her father Ivaniy Matvey Andreevich was shoot after false denunciation in 1937 and fully exonerated in 1989. Alexandra Matveevna was a vise, very kind and sensitive person with wide range of interests, she knew 2 foreign languages, was a good singer, liked music.
Sister – Pashkut (Shchelokova) Valentina Nikolaevna, born in 1956, graduated from Voronezh university.

From 1951 to 1954 Tatiana lived together with her parents in Moscow (during that time her father studied in the Academy n. a. Frunze, from which he graduated with honors in 1954). Due to profession of her father, during school years she changed 7 schools in Primorsky region, and then in Altay region. The first school - №6 in Ussuriysk, her first teacher – Valentina Panteleevna (unfortunately she doesn't remember her last name, but would like to find her and to learn where and how she lives – As T.N.Fomenko remembers, her first school grade was also the first year of the teaching activity of Valentina Panteleevna).

Tatiana was a high achiever from the 1st till the11th grade. She took part and got prize-winning places inin town and regional competitions in mathematics, and also in history (at the school director's insistence, although she didn't like history at school). She also took part in competitions in chess and in ping pong. She had graduated (in four years with a break) a 7-years musical school at the class of piano. She was rather successful in participation in musical competitions. Also, she actively participated in school amateur activities (danced, declaimed, sang, played the piano). She was good in drawing – he school drawing album was taken by her teacher of drawing Moisey Michailovich Faer to the school museum (school №28 in Ussuriysk). Her final composition in the 11th grade (the topic: problem of personal and social in the novel of M.Sholokhov «New-ploughed field ») was quoted by the teacher of literature – an Honored Teacher of RSFSR Nadezhda Afanasievna Belskaya in her article in a town newspaper. She had graduated from school №1 of Aleysk, Altay region, with a gold medal in 1966.
In the childhood as many kids, Tatiana read in «Pioneer pravda» a famous fantastical novel of 13-years old Tolya Fomenko «Miracle of the Milky Way» (it was published in several issues), which she liked and remembered. Later, after meeting with A.T.Fomenko in many years she was shocked, when his mother Valentina Polikarpovna when talking about her son, took from her archive a yellowed because of time "Pioneer Pravda" with this novel.

In 1966 Tatiana entered and in 1971 graduated with honors degree from mathematical-mechanical faculty of Voronezh State University (VSU) at the department of mathematics. Diploma was defended in English, as she studied in a special group with advanced study of English. In the university she studied at the department of algebra and topological methods of analysis. The head of the department and her scientific supervisor was Yu.G.Borisovich (1930-2007), doctor of physical-mathematical sciences, professor, and Merited Science Worker of Russian Federation. At the first two courses of the university she actively participated in amateur activities: played the piano, organized a vocal group «Romashka» with several students, and they sang with the piano and a capella. After the 3rd course she went to agricultural brigade in Krasnodar region for harvesting tomatoes.

In 1971-1974 Tatiana took a postgraduate course of Voronezh university (VSU). Being a postgraduate student, she read a special course (on the theory of vector fields) for the students of the 5th course of the VSU. From October 1974 to December 1977 she worked as a junior research scientist in Scientific-Research Institute of Mathematics in the VSU. On October 11, 1977 she defended her candidates thesis on the topic «On some topological invariants of equivariant mappings» on the speciality «geometry and topology». Scientific supervisor – Yu.G.Borisovich, official opponents: prof. A.S.Mishenko (MSU), prof. Chernavskiy (V.A. Steklov Mathematical Institute). The defense took place in Belorussian state university in Minsk (as there was no council on this speciality in the VSU).

Fomenko Tatiana Nikolaevna
Tatiana Fomenko – portrait by A.T.Fomenko
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On November 25, 1977 Tatiana married Anatoly Timofeevich Fomenko and changed the last name.
From 1978 to 1981 T.N.Fomenko worked in Computer center of Moscow office of Stroibank of the USSR as a senior engineer, than the head of group of mathematical modeling of processes of issue short-term credits for construction. In 1980-1981 she was a teacher at preparation courses of Moscow the Institute of Steal and Alloy (MISA).
From 1981 to 2005 she worked in MISA as assistant, senior teacher, docent, read lectures and lead practical classes at many faculties, but mainly at the faculty of Informatics and Economics, where for many years she taught a yearly course «Algebra and geometry», as well as other courses, including «Mathematical analysis», «Differential equations», «Equations in partial derivatives», «Theory of functions of complex variable», «Functional analysis» on the I, II, III courses. I took part in writing a number of tutorials. In different years lead a mathematical study group for students within the process of preparation for student competitions and many times read special courses: «Introduction into topology», «Theory of groups» for the students of last courses.
T.N.Fomenko was granted a numbered badge of honor of the MISaA as the best teacher.
During one semester from January to June of 1991 she worked in the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada), where she read a special course for postgraduate students and teachers on homotopic topology, including the review of her own works, and worked with a postgraduate student.
During the postgradute education and working in MISA she actively participated in the work of society «Znaniye». In the MISA during many years she was the head of natural science section of the society «Znaniye»of the institute and supervised the work of Sunday lecture-hall of society «Znaniye» (before its dissolution).
In 2010 T.N.Fomenko defended her doctoral thesis.
From 2005 she is a lecturer and from June 2012 a professor of the department of general mathematics of the faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

T.N.Fomenko is a member of the Moscow Mathematical Society. She took part in a number of international mathematical conferences. She has over 80 scientific and methodological publications. Among them (in co-authorship with Yu.G.Borisovich, N.M.Bliznyakov, Ya.A.Israilevich) there is a textbook for universities «Introduction into topology», that passed 2 editions in Russian, 2 editions in English, and was translated into Chinese. In co-authorship with A.T.Fomenko and G.V. Nosovskiy T.N.Fomenko took part in writing of several parts of the books on New Chronology.
The field of scientific interests: algebraic topology and its applications to several problems of analysis, theory of coincidences and fixed points of mappings, theory of equivariant mappings, mathematical modeling of complex systems.