A.T.Fomenko, G.V.Nosovskiy
After Christ. The Trojan war. Foundation of Rome


The present book continues the book of the authors "Tsar of the Slavs", in which they calculated a dating of the birth of Christ with 1152 A.D. and proposed a reconstruction of the events of the XII century. In the present book reconstruction of the further events of the end of XII - XIII century is proposed. The book is very important for understanding of the history in general. The found in the book "Tsar of the Slavs" close connection between the history of Christianity and the history of Russia will go deeper in the present book. It appears that the Russian history was closely interlaced with the history of the Crusades and the history of the "antique" Trojan war. One can now clearly understand statements of the Russian historians of the XVII century (for example, prince �.�.Shcherbatov), that Russians participated in the "antique" events of the epoch of the Trojan war.

In the book it is told, in particular, about the following famous heroes of the ancient history, who had lived, as the authors show, in the XII-XIII centuries A.D.

The great prince Svyatoslav. The great princess Olga and tsarina Elena, a mother of Konstantin the Great. "Antique" Achilles – a hero of the Trojan war. Paul the Apostle, who, as appeared, was directly connected with the Crusades of the XII-XIII centuries. The famous heroes of the German-Scandinavian epos – Siegfried and Valkyrie Brunhilde. God Odin, Nibelungs, "the Rhinegold". "Antique" Aeneas, founding the Roman tsardom, and his descendants – Romulus and Rem. A Varangian Rurik, who was called to Russia to govern and founded the Russian tsardom. The authors explain the famous legend about the calling of Varangians.

The book is devoted to a wide range of readers, interested in the new chronology and restoration of the correct history