A.T.Fomenko, G.V.Nosovskiy


The book "Tsar of the Slavs" is devoted to the received by the authors dating of the Birth of Christ with 1152 A.D. and the resulting reconstruction of the history of the XII century. For the first time this dating was received by the authors in 2003 and since that time found many confirmations. The book contains only new results. It is the second edited and supplemented edition.

The indicated dating of the epoch of Christ is final, as it is received by means of independent natural-scientific methods. It ideally corresponds to the statistical parallelisms, what lets us generally finish reconstruction of the written history of the mankind, starting from the epoch of the birth of the written language in the X-XI centuries. A new step in the reconstruction of the universal history lets us look at the place of Russian Orthodoxy in the Christianity in an absolutely new way.

The authors absolutely don't touch the issues of faith and theology and, in particular, don't discuss any of the church dogmas. Only the issues of historical-chronological character are touched in the book. As the authors note, the proposed by them reconstruction is yet a suppositional one. At the same time the authors answer for the accuracy and reliability of the calculated by them datings.

The book is aimed for the widest circle of readers, interested in the history of Christianity, the history of Russia and new openings in the field of new chronology.