A.T.Fomenko, G.V.Nosovskiy

Heathendom and Christianity. Christianization of the Empire. Konstantin the Great – Dmitry Donskoy. The Battle of Kulikovo in the Bible. Sergius of Radonezh – the creator of fire arms. Dating of carpet from Baye.


The new book of G.V.Nosovskiy and A.T.FOMENKO fully consists of the first time published material and is devoted to the reconstruction of the epoch of the second half of the XIV century. In the Russian history this epoch reflected as the Christianization of Russia by St. Vladimir allegedly in the X century A.D. In the history of "antique" Rome – as Christianization of the Roman Empire by imperator Konstantin the Great allegedly in the IV century A.D. It appeared that in both cases the issue is about the same event. The Christianization of the Great = "Mongol" Empire, according to our reconstruction, took place at the time of Dmitry Donskoy, at the end of the XIV century. Dmitry Donskoy is also known to us as Konstantin the Great of the Roman chronicles. The Christianization of the Empire was preceded by the great Battle of Kulikovo of 1380. It is also the famous battle of Konstantin the Great with Maxentius.
Two new and very interesting astronomical datings of the ancient zodiacs are received in the book. The first one – dating of the horoscope, found by the authors on the famous carpet from Baye.
The second dating is related to the horoscope, found by the authors on the golden Copenhagen horn.
In Appendix 2 there is a list of chronological correspondences between the main empires "of the far past" (in the Scaligerian version) and the Great = "Mongol" Empire of the XIV-XVI centuries. In particular, from here comes the fact that "antique" Rome – it is a phantom reflection of the Great = "Mongol" Empire of the XIV-XVI centuries.
The book is devoted for a wide range of readers, interested in the application of natural-scientific methods to chronology, universal history and the history of Russia.