The Issue with Mongols
(History: Fiction or Science? Book 9)

'The Issue with Mongols' is that this small nomade tribe did not know till XX century how great a power they were once. Nor did Mongols know who Great Ghengis Khan was and how he has conquered Eurasia, Russia, China, the whole works. The Mongolian Horde was merely the Russian army. According to the official version of history, Russia remained under the political and military yoke of the Mongols for many centuries on end. The term “Mongol” is usually assumed to have always meant the same thing – however, this turns out to be incorrect; the modern interpretation is of a relatively recent origin. Bear in mind that Mongolia didn’t exist as an independent state until the early XX century! The word “Mongol” simply meant “Great One” – its association with the nomadic tribes hailing from the steppes north of China is a later invention. But why did it have to be invented?
The reason is simple: the actual “Mongol conquerors of Russia” never existed. The yoke theory was created by the court German historians of the new Russian dynasty, the Romanovs. It has served the end of justifying the Romanovs’ claims for the throne and demonising their longtime adversaries – the Horde, or the professional Russian army, which remained fiercely loyal to the old Russian dynasty, deposed and finally destroyed by the Romanovs as a result of a conspiracy. The savage invaders and torturers of the Russian land that we read about in history textbooks were the protectors of the state in reality – and ethnic Slavs for the most part. Small wonder historians still cannot find a single trace of the mythical Mongol capital – no such capital ever existed anywhere near the Gobi Desert.
The Mongol Horde identified as the Russian army are extremely hard to swallow for any Russian, yet they are just the tip of the iceberg called New Chronology, which is a radical reconstruction of world history in general and a brainchild of Anatoly Fomenko, one of today’s leading mathematicians and by all means a scientist to be taken seriously. His sensational fundamental work entitled History: Fiction or Science? is finally available in English – the ice-cold facts and the rock-hard scientific evidence concealed underneath that glossy cover portraying Jesus pinioned to the Big Ben can, and eventually will, sink the entire paper fleet of consensual history.

Dr Fomenko et al as scientists are ready to recognize the alleged mistakes of New Chronology, to repent and to retract if and only if:
- radiocarbon dating methods or dendrochronology pass the black box' tests;
- astronomy refutes their results on eclipses;
- Robert Newton (US astrophisist) was wrong accusing Ptolemy of swindle.
At present historians are not willing to comply. The radiocarbon dating labs run their very costly tests only if is the sample to be dated is accompanied with an idea of age pronounced by historians on basis of...subjective..mmm...gutfeeling and the history books they have been writing for the last 400 years. Radiocarbon labs politely bill for their fiddling and finetuning with C14 to get the dates 'to order' of historians. Circulus viciousus is perfect.