The present book is issued in a new edition, recently made by the author. It differs considerably from the previous ones. If we correctly imagine the building of the ancient and medieval history today? Created in the XVI-XVII centuries A.D. by J.Sccaliger and D.Petavius, accepted today version of chronology and history, probably, contains serious mistakes. Many outstanding scientists understood and discussed this during long period of time. But it turned out to be a very difficult task to build a new, non-contradictory concept of the history.

Starting from 1973 A.T.Fomenko studied the problem, and in some time, under his direction, – a group of mathematicians of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. A.T.Fomenko and his colleagues created new mathematical-statistical methods of discovering duplicates (repeats), contained in the chronicles. New methods of dating of events were developed. Mistakes in the accepted today chronology were disclosed. The "history of history" is explained: who, when and how created the accepted today version of the "antiquity". How mathematics helps to calculate the dates of the ancient events? Why a picture of the sky of stars, written in a famous Biblical Apocalypse, indicates the end of the XV century? One of the main results of the New Chronology is given, that is a "global chronological map", which lets to discover astonishing shifts in chronology, with the help of which a medieval history of the X-XVII centuries was artificially "prolonged" by chronologists of the XVII-XVIII centuries.

The book is a unique event in the international scientific life; it will not leave indifferent any reader. No special knowledge is required from the reader. Only an interest to the universal and Russian history and desire to understand its numerous mistakes is required. The book is aimed for the widest circles of readers, interested in the applications of natural scientific methods in history.