..Fomenko, G.V.Nosovskiy

Biblical Russia. Calendar and Easter. The birth of Christ and the Nicene Council. The prophesy of Daniel. Underground Moscow of the XVI century – a prototype of the famous "antique" Labyrinth.


The present book is issued in a new edition, made by ..Fomenko in 2013. It considerably differs from the previous ones. In particular, the colored pictures are reproduced as colored (compared to the previous editions, where they were reproduced in black and white). The book is a new study on mathematical chronology and reconstruction of the ancient and medieval history by means of statistical methods.

It is discovered, what were the seven famous wonders of the world. Also the following important problems are discussed. When the famous First Oecumenical Council of the Christian church took place? When the era "after Christmas" started? Next, it appears that the epoch the life of Christ could be determined according to the date, which remained in the history of calculation of Paschals. Further it appears that the famous "ancient" Labyrinth, described, in particular, by "antique" Herodotus, - it is underground Moscow. The prophesy of Daniel tells about the events in Russia in the second half of the XVI century.

The present study touches only historical, not theological contents of the Bible. It doesn't touch the basics of theology, stated in the Bible and doesn't put in doubt religious dogmas of those religions, for which the Bible is a holy book.

The book is read with relentless interest, it will attract attention of everybody interested in the problems of the ancient and medieval history.

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