A.T.FOMENKO, G.V.Nosovskiy

Datings of 2003-2004
(New chronology of Egypt, volume 2)
ANCIENT ZODIACS OF EGYPT AND EUROPEPublishing house AST, Moscow, 2009.


The book represents a re-edition of the book with the same name, issued by the publishing house "Veche" in 2005 and sold out long ago. The book continues the book "New chronology of Egypt" and could be considered as its second volume. The third volume - "Egyptian, Russian and Italian zodiacs"



Chapter 1. New datings of the Egyptian zodiacs

1.1. Clarified draughtsmanship of the Big Esna zodiac "EB"

1.2. A zodiac from the Stella of Metternich ("MT")
1.2.1. An origin of the zodiac "MT"
1.2.2. Pictures of constellations
1.2.3. The main horoscope
1.2.4. An additional scene with Mars
1.2.5. Private horoscopes A private horoscope of the Summer solstice A private horoscope of the Winter solstice A private horoscope of the Autumn equinox A private horoscope of the Spring equinox
1.2.6. A date on the Stella of Metternich: August 14-16, 1007 A.D.

1.3. Egyptian zodiac "with dressed Nut" ("NB")
1.3.1. The figures of constellations on the zodiac "NB"
1.3.2. The figures of planets and conditions of visibility
1.3.3. The date of zodiac "NB": January 31- February 1, 1285 A.D., or January 29-31, 1345 A.D.

Chapter 2. Roman zodiacs

2.1. Roman zodiac of "Marcus Aurelius" ("RZ")
2.1.1. Planets on the zodiac "RZ"
2.1.2. A full solution of the zodiac "RZ": December 8-9 of old style of 1664 A.D.

2.2. A zodiac from Louvre ("LV")
2.2.1. The symbols of constellations and other symbols on the zodiac "LV"
2.2.2. The symbols of equinoxes and solstices
2.2.3. The symbols of planets. Horoscope of the zodiac "LV"
2.2.4. A date on the zodiac "LV": June 12-17 of old style of 1638 A.D.

Chapter 3. Zodiacs from Turkey and the Asia Minor

3.1. Zodiac "Leo of Commagene" ("LK")
3.1.1. Planets on the zodiac "LK"
3.1.2. A case of all the planets in Leo
3.1.3. A case of fusion of three planets
3.1.4. The date of zodiac "LK": morning of September 14, 1221 A.D.

Chapter 4. European zodiacs

4.1. Zodiacs of Mitre
4.1.1. A bas-relief from Apulum in Dacia
4.1.2. A bas-relief from Heddernheim in Germany
4.1.3. The Saida bas-relief from the collection of Clerk

4.2. A zodiac of "The carpet from Bayeux" ("BL")
4.2.1. A story of the carpet from Bayeux
4.2.2. According to the Scaligerian version on the carpet from Bayeux the conquest of England in 1066 is expressed
4.2.3. According to the new chronology the conquest of England in the XI century and the Trojan war – these are two reflections of the Crusade of 1204
4.2.4. A zodiac, found by us on the carpet from Bayeux
4.2.5. The pictures of zodiacal constellations Leo Cancer Gemini Taurean Aries Pisces Aquarius Goat Archer Scorpio Libra Virgo
4.2.6. The pictures of planets Sun Venus Saturn Mercury Moon Mars Jove
4.2.7. The main horoscope of the zodiac "BL"
4.2.8. Additional astronomical conditions
4.2.9. On the zodiac "BL" there is a date March 16, 1495
4.2.10. A suppositional explanation of the received date

4.3. A zodiac on the Copenhagen golden horn ("RG")
4.3.1. Two golden horns, found on the North of Europe
4.3.2. A zodiac, found by us on the broken horn
4.3.3. the main horoscope of the zodiac "RG"
4.3.4. On the Copenhagen horn allegedly of the V century A.D. there is a considerably later date: May 17-28, 1166 A.D.

Chapter 5. Final table of datings and additional notes

5.1. Distribution of the dates of ancient zodiacs in time shows that the history of the antique world is related to the X-XVI centuries A.D.
5.2. The links between Ancient Egypt and Hordian Russia

Appendix 1. Description of the computer program HOROS

Appendix 2. Input data of the program HOROS for the final variants of the zodiacs decoding


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