X-185 Chronology: Another mental map for the discovery of America

Andreu Marfull Pujadas
October 5, 2019

According to the New Chronology of Fomenko and Nosovskiy, the European colonization of America, as we know it, begins in the second half of the 17th century, and before there were routes between Europe and America through the Atlantic Ocean, where there were Jews, Christians and Muslims. Multiple and extraordinary proofs corroborate it. Of the same, this investigation demonstrates, without a doubt, that the ancient history and the chronicle of sacred texts refer to events that took place during the Middle Ages.

Otherwise, according to X-185 Chronology, the discovery of Columbus is linked to the dismantling of the Order of the Temple of Solomon and, at the same time, there is an additional chronological leap that gives it meaning. It is necessary to understand Middle Ages 185 years closer and, the facts of the Order of the Temple of Solomon, it is necessary to understand them 185 additional years later, until the gates of the 18th century. The 16th and 17th centuries of the Hispanic Habsburg did not exist.

According to the logic, tests and evidences that this research works, there is a Jewish, Solomonic and Templar order in the Middle Ages, which coexists with a Christian and Muslim order, but with another chronological scenario, different to the officer. The Order of the Temple of Solomon has its temporary space 370 years closer, so that its foundation and its dismantling, by the king of France, does not take place in the years 1116 and 1307 officials, but in the years 1486 and 1677 reals. In turn, Columbus’ discovery is 185 years later, also in 1677. Initially, the papal colonial Spanish project is a consequence of the French challenge to this Order. Until then, the Order is leading the maritime routes everywhere, in relative peace with the Ottoman Muslims, the result of a pact, between East and West. The pact is the Covenant of the Ark of Solomon, which is established in the 15th century, in accordance with the New Chronology of Fomenko and in accordance with the X-185 Chronology. But the pact comes into crisis in the 17th century and, as a response, the power of the Vatican born and, with it, the messianic project of Christ that will end up promoting colonization and the integral reconstruction of history and that of sacred texts, with the direction of the Society of Jesus and the censor arm of the Holy Inquisition.

Result of a symbolic challenge associated with the imposition of a Messiah, who has to replace the ideal of the Temple of Solomon, it begins an integral manipulation of history. With it, a false origin of colonization is created, which in turn mutilates the real story of the protagonists who have led it until then. This great manipulation begins to be intensive since 1715, which corresponds to the official year of 1530.

This reconstruction creates great incongruities, such as the evidence nowadays recognized of the existence of previous routes to America, established by the Nordic peoples, as well as the equivalents from the great China. But there are others that can be analyzed. On the one hand, we find the maps and the extraordinary pictorial imagery that is associated with the caravels of the oceans with the red cross, which has survived its erasure and destruction. In multiple images the discovery of Columbus is identified with the red cross of the Order of the Temple of Solomon, and in some maps the presence of a dominant equivalent fleet is seen, for all the oceans. They all refer to the Order of the Temple of Solomon. On the other, there are numerous maps of the time with the Catalan-Aragonese emblems and with the cross of the Portuguese Order of Christ (this order officially directs the first decades of the Portuguese colonial company), which usually do not include the symbol of the representative castle of Castile. These maps speak of a previous order to Castilian, to the colonial company. But there are also other incongruities, such as that of the colonial, papal project, of the Treaty of Tordesillas of 1494 (in 1679), which divides the world between the kings of Aragon and Castile and those of Portugal. This international treaty is illogical, like the historical anachronism about the fact that, officially, a new continent is distributed while Columbus believes that he is in Asia. In addition, the surprising concessions to the admiral Columbus of the Capitulations of Santa Fe, sealed in Barcelona before consuming the “discovery”, are not congruent. These capitulations make no sense, neither the distribution of the world between the Hispanic kings of Spain and Portugal, in the way that has been transmitted to us. It does not make sense to delegate to the lineage of a supposed discoverer the rank of Viceroy of Asia (life charge for him and his successors) nor that he was sent there with only three vessels to take possession of the land, in front the magnificent authority of the Great Khan; nor that the right of the tithes that until then belongs to the church are given to him; nor that he be made the chief judge of all matters that settle there.

It does not make sense to divide the world between the lineage of an admiral, at the service of a Castilian queen, and the authority of Portugal led by the Order of Christ. And it also does not make sense that this company, granted by the Pope, that should benefit all Christians, it excludes those from the rest of Europe and the Jewish and Muslim people settled there for centuries, to the point of declaring them all unworthy of exercising their right of adoption of faith to one God himself, as of the same 1492. It does not have it.

On the other hand, it does make sense that Columbus represents the Genoese and/or Catalan authority of the Order of the Temple of Solomon (which until now has been the main maritime authority of the military arm, as evidenced by the paintings of the discovery and world maps), after the attack of the king of France towards this Order in the frank and Occitan lands in 1677 real (1307 official), coinciding with the weakening of the Ark of Solomon’s alliance. In this sense, the foundation of the Templar powers in the kingdoms of Valencia and Portugal, with the names of the Order of Saint Mary of Montesa and of Christ, respectively, in the official year 1314, which is the real 1684, becomes particularly important. These orders have been created alongside the Treaty of Tordesillas, and it have been empowered by the Pope to complete the mission of the defeated Solomon Temple, on behalf of Mary and Christ, under the new St. George Cross. That is to say, at the beginning of the reconstruction of history, the integral mutation of the Order of the Temple of Solomon under the authority of the pope of Rome is conceived, defying the boldness of the king of France.

According to this reasoning, it makes sense that Columbus be the leader of an imperial line associated with the great monarchs, who in turn represents and/or substitutes the Jewish authority of Western Europe and a religious and military order, Roman and Solomonic, dominant and main, before its later dismantling that gives rise to the new Catholic and Roman Catholic order of the Vatican. Together with the powers of the Columbus, they appear in the spheres Hispanic and Vatican those of the Borgia, who go hand in hand, and, as well, as they are mediated by the European imperial competition that rises with them, “fall” more years late, together.

The economic foundation of an ambitious Christianized project, which needs gold and silver from America, is at stake, which until then has enriched the Order of the Temple of Solomon. The appropriation of this “treasure” of mines of precious metals and stones, on the part of European Christianity, without which it is impossible to conceive European colonization, is a great reason to erase of the history, forevermore, the authority of its previous owners. Especially the Jews and Muslims, allied until then into a fragile but fruitful Solomonic, wise order.

For this reason, Pope Innocent VIII handed over to Miguel Alonso de Pinzón, before the discovery’s deed, a document from the Solomon Court, from the Jewish estate, that informs how to reach large and rich lands found in West, pointing to Mexico. The Court exists, and at this beginning it is Jewish and papal.

In turn, the significance of this reconstruction exceeds the scope and meaning that is given in the first instance. It has to do with the deliberate deletion of the importance of the Roman Empire of Constantinople to the benefit of that of Italy, which is largely an invention created especially over the 17th and 18th centuries. And it has to do with the transfer of papal powers to Rome, from Avignon; with the history of the erasure of the medieval authority of the Temple of Solomon; and with the stigmatization and subsequent persecution of the Jewish and Muslim communities.

According to the reconstruction of the X-185 Chronology, papal Rome is basically a work born in Avignon, not before, and created for the glory of Europe and as a building made to measure the requirements of the colonial project, Catholic and universal, which since then modifies history, making Rome the first home of the history of the Christian church. Start your epic from there, for the glory of the popes and of Christianity, winning, by the force of faith, a pagan empire. It is the beginning of archaeological, genealogical and documentary falsification on a large scale.

The Italian Rome, the Vatican and the Messianic Christ impose themselves, under the implacable arm of the colonial project and with the ecclesiastical arms of the Holy Inquisition and the Society of Jesus.

For this reason, it is then, throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, when the differences between Christians and the Muslim and Jewish peoples are radicalized, not before. As defend, in fact, Fomenko and Nosovskiy.

Following the thread of historical reconstruction:

The company of the largest coordinated manipulation ever agreed between the powers of the world, after decades of timid advances already begun, has begun, until the creation of the first global chronological map that is finally being restored. Annio da Viterbo (in 1683, that is, the official 1498), then Isaac Newton (the official year, and royal, of 1727) and later the Society of Jesus (1725-1773), with the collaboration of the imperial and priestly courts around the world, will reconstruct the past and will give to the academy of history the official narrative that nobody questions. This way:

Everything has to do with, to a great extent, this question, which one must understand well. It has to do with sacred texts, with the Temple of Solomon, with the Jewish people and with everything that is transformed in the name of colonization, with facts that are entirely in the imaginary of the Middle Ages. It has to do with the roots of Freemasonry (1717-1736); with the independence of the United States of America (1776); with the French Revolution (1789); and with the later Empire of Napoleon (1804-1815). And, at the same time, it has to do with the manipulation of the history of the European colonial empires.

This reconstruction places the history of the colonial empires of Castile, Portugal, England and France, on the list of modern stories recreated by its glory, especially in relation to the events of the 16th and 17th centuries. And, instead, it places the previous history of powers like Catalan, Genoese and Venetian in the list of adulterated stories, erased for the benefit of the previous ones.

Due to the geopolitical change that places the Bourbons on the throne of Spain, they create a complete erasure from the recent history that includes the total manipulation of the identity and the reasons of the colonial company of Christopher Columbus, Hernán Cortés and that of other contemporary conquerors; with a systematic (unofficial) mutation of the Catalan lineages, which adopt Castilian and Italian names.

The Castilian supremacy, which the official history creates since the 16th century, before a Crown of Aragon that fits with it, is the result of a bad chronological reconstruction ordered by the Roman Inquisitorial Church. In this deliberate manipulation Catalan of published works disappears; all the great conquerors are Castilian and there is no reason for such a grievance (as in the 18th century), in an absurd scenario that coincides with a European empire of the Habsburgs that Colonizing Castilianity completely ignores. In fact, Spanishization takes place in Spain during the Bourbons, in the 18th century, when the Catalans were subjected and the powers of the Hispanic kingdoms over Italy and the rest of Europe have disappeared. The Castilian Spanish empire begins then, and it ends with the invasion of Napoleon and the consequent loss of most colonies, a century later. Before, it is a collective company with a notorious Catalan and Italian presence, heir to the Temple of Solomon, who competes with France for the control of Rome and that of the fractured Solomonic empire.

The Golden Age of the Spanish language (Castilian), in turn, does not begin in 1530, but in 1715, and does not end in 1645 but in 1830, when the Holy Inquisition falls in Spain. For this reason, it has no Catalan reminiscence, neither in the language, nor in its authors nor in its scenarios. The cause is not the voluntary abandonment of the use of Catalan that narrates the official history, after centuries of great prestige. It is by the prohibition of its use imposed by the New Plant Decrees and by the project to unify all Spain around a dominant Castilianity, both in the church and in the government, which the Royal Academy of the Language establishes from the year 1712. The idea of creating a Century of Gold in Spanish literature in Catalan and other languages is incompatible with the institutional project of its erasure, in the same way that it settles in France with Catalan, with the rest of Occitan variants and with the set of other languages other than Parisian French.

For this reason, and not on the other, Spanish zeal prevents rebuilding Catalanism from the previous two centuries, creating what is, without a doubt, one of the greatest contradictions of Western European history. The Catalans, then settled in the middle of Italy and with numerous bridges with the papacy and with the commercial interests of the whole of Europe, with a powerful bank and high positions in the Order of Saint John the Baptist, do not voluntarily refuse the abandonment of this company. It is imposed by the new King and the new papal order.

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