Work developed in the GLOBAL DIAGRAM OF THE DOUBLE CHRONOLOGICAL MANIPULATION OF THE HUMAN HISTORY - Representation of the Global Chronological Map of the "New Chronology" (Part 3) V.3.0


This work is an exercise in historical reconstruction, which refers to the investigation of the "New Chronology" (NC) team led from Moscow. In general, this work validates the dating methods carried out by the NC, although it incorporates new actors and poses complementary hypotheses to the reconstruction carried out. In this sense, it is worth highlighting that it is a work of approximation, which is presented as an initial investigation.

The NC explores the meaning of the official chronology based on astronomical, mathematical, statistical and historical analysis, being the main and most advanced current, if not the only one, to raise the scientific doubt of its rigor. His research is not new, it is part of a current that began in the 16th century and has been explored for distinguished mathematicians since the 18th century, such as Isaac Newton or Nicolay Alexandrovich Morozov. In this line of work, this research is oriented as an exercise that seeks to solve doubts, unknowns that the NC offers, focusing on Western Europe, especially in the Spanish-Italian orbit, and French. Specifically, it consists of rebuilding the transfer of Egyptian powers to Italian Rome, which takes place at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries AD. and not in the 1st century BC.

The NC states that from Egypt an empire is planned, which has its maximum splendor between the 14th and 16th centuries, and which in the mid-17th century implodes, giving rise to a fragmentation of powers that causes a global reconstruction of history that legitimize them. In this process, the Ottomans occupy the Holy Land and the original powers are restructured in Western Europe, thus initiating the colonial stage. In this sense, it should be emphasized that European colonization, as we know it, does not begin in 1492 but about two centuries later. Before that, there is a smooth relationship throughout the empire, also between Europe and America, in a process of splendor of American civilizations. Due to these evidences and other evidence, the NC determines that both the Pope of Rome and the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation do not appear until the second half of the 17th century, and later on they create their false past. Therefore, exploring the transfer of powers to Europe implies exploring how it happened.

The result of the research concludes that the story is rewritten in different stages between the 17th and 19th centuries, in parallel to the integral reconstruction of the rights that the new states end up defining. The maximum reconstruction, however, would take place in the 18th century, coinciding with the appearance of the academies of History protected by the Church and the structures of the State. Official History, according to the research carried out, would have been adulterated at the time, creating a tailor-made past for everyone, where one of its techniques would have been to alter the order of events and the structural chronology while maintaining an order hidden. But the main foundation of historical reconstruction, which would have been dilated in time, would have been the creation of some legitimacy unrelated to the people of Israel, which would have become a symbol, in a praxis that establishes on 16th century.

In origin, all powers come from the same project, where Israel would be "the people of God", and it would have extended from Egypt to the rest of the world between the 12th and 15th centuries. Until then, the great leaders would have been the bearers of the "will of God", but once the mission is completed, the priests decide to take away this power and create the myth of Christ. This project will eventually become Osiris, Jesus, Krishna and Buddha, according to the form given to each spiritual school. For this reason, a legendary past is created for these characters and is created a historical gap that allows creating false stories of the origin of dynastic powers. But the imperial project is maintained, until the 17th century. Between 1486 and the 17th century this "pact" is guarded by the last Great Khan: the Prester John of Abyssinia. The "pact" is sealed in the Ark of the Solomon Alliance, which is written in the Apocalypse, in the Bible and in multiple medieval and/or Egyptian chronicles. However, as a result of the displacement of powers, the authority of the Prester John is reconstructed in Rome amid an intense struggle that does not end until the year 1725, with the Treaty of Vienna. Then, it will be agreed to reconstruct the already manipulated history, and to initiate the greatest project of symbolic reconstruction done by the humanity. One of the results would be the construction of the Vatican and the appearance of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, or "United" (German = United, Twinned). The original authority of the Pope of Rome, then, would have been that of the Great Khan.

Following this approach, the ambition of the Pope of Rome and his disavowal appear around the 18th century and not in the 16th century. The facts would be manipulated chronologically. As this project is moving forward, it is decided to rewrite the previous two centuries, and create an intermediate past to justify the fragmented order by providing it with a temporary authority. At this time the world tends to create multiple worldviews, to militarize itself and to impose economic imperialism on a global scale, while rebuilding its past.

The result of this intense process, between the 18th and 19th centuries, is this: the global history designed (and expanded) is imposed, along with the recognition of the different dominant empires, but as the project fails, European colonization of the world accelerates. Due to the absence of a leading authority, competition occupies its place and, as a culmination, there is a definitive break between Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The Napoleon project would have been the last attempt to recompose the Original Empire, without success. The two world wars and the Cold War of the 20th century are recent reflexes of this story.