A.T.Fomenko, G.V.Nosovskiy

Russian chronicles. "Mongol-Tartar" conquest. The Battle of Kulikovo. Ivan the Terrible. Razin. Pugachev. Destruction of Tobolsk and dividing its large North American areas between Romanovs' Russia and European colonies on the East of America. Origin of the USA.

Volume 4, Book 1

ABSTRACT to the book "New chronology of Russia"


The present book is issued in a new edition, made by A.T.Fomenko. It considerably differs from the previous ones. The authors, resting on the developed by them mathematical methods of analysis of the primary sources, propose a new, shorter chronology, putting off many problems in the generally accepted version of the history.

What is Tartar-Mongol invasion? It appears that medieval Russia of the XIV-XVI centuries and the "Mongol" = Great Empire – it is the same. Fakes in Razdvilovskaya chronicle are opened. A famous Battle of Kulikovo happened, probably, at the place of the future capital of Russia – the city of Moscow. Famous Novgorod the Great from chronicles – this is, most likely, Yaroslavl on Volga. Data about falsification of the history and archeology of the city on Volkhov is given, which appeared at the time of Romanovs and to which the name of historical Novgorod was assigned, where the great Yaroslavl history was moved (on paper).

It appears that the war of Romanovs with Pugachev of 1773-1775 – it is the last war with "Mongol" Horde. Separation of the remainders of Russia-Horde between Romanovs and the United States of America, which appeared on the territories of Russia-Horde in America.

The book is aimed for the widest circles of readers, interested in the history of Russia and application of mathematical methods in humanities.