A.T.Fomenko, G.V.Nosovskiy

Russian chronicles. "Mongol-Tartar" conquest. The Battle of Kulikovo. Ivan the Terrible. Razin. Pugachev. Destruction of Tobolsk and dividing its large North American areas between Romanovs' Russia and European colonies on the East of America. Origin of the USA.

Volume 4, Book 1

Part 1.

The present book is issued in a new edition, made by A.T.FOMENKO. It considerably differs from the previous ones. You see the first book of the 4th volume of the seven-volume book "Chronology" (the seven-volume is divided into 14 books).

Volume 1. FIGURES AGAINST LIE. - A.T.Fomenko.


Volume 3. Book 1: STARS TESTIFY. V.V.Kalashnikov, G.V.Nosovskiy, A.T.Fomenko. Book 2. CELESTIAL CALENDAR OF THE ANCIENTS - G.V.Nosovskiy, A.T.Fomenko, T.N.Fomenko.

Volume 4. Book 1. NEW CHRONOLOGY OF RUSSIA. - G.V.Nosovskiy, A.T.Fomenko. Book 2. THE MIRACLE OF RUSSIAN HISTORY - G.V.Nosovskiy, A.T.Fomenko

Volume 5. Book 1. EMPIRE. - G.V.Nosovskiy, A.T.Fomenko. Book� 2. RISE OF THE TSARDOM. - G.V.Nosovskiy, A.T.Fomenko

Volume 6. Book 1: BIBLICAL RUSSIA. - G.V.Nosovskiy, A.T.Fomenko. Book 2: OPENING OF AMERICA BY RUSSIA-HORDE. - G.V.Nosovskiy, A.T.Fomenko. Book 3: SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD - G.V.Nosovskiy, A.T.Fomenko.

Volume 7. Book 1. WESTERN MYTH. - G.V.Nosovskiy, A.T.Fomenko. Book 2. RUSSIAN ROOTS OF THE "ANCIENT" LATIN. - G.V.Nosovskiy, A.T.Fomenko, T.N.Fomenko

We rest upon new chronology, established based on the mathematical methods and empirical-statistical results, stated in the first three books of the seven-volume book "Chronology". The main chronological shifts, discovered by A.�.Fomenko in the "ancient" and medieval history, are given on a global chronological map (GKhM), created by A.�.Fomenko in1975-1979.

The present book is written so that its reading will not require from the reader any special knowledge. Only an interest to the Russian history and a desire to clarify its many miracles is required. But it is necessary to underline that everything, we tell about, was discovered as a result of long and difficult scientific search. It started with denial of the prevailing version of the history by separate critically thinking scientists of the XVII-XIX centuries. Among them there was famous Isaac Newton. The main works of I.Newton on chronology were thoroughly hidden until recently. But, seems that from them started the attempts to improve mistakes in the history by means of natural scientific methods. But I.Newton couldn't solve this problem himself. He stated just several valuable ideas. An important contribution to the improvement of the chronology was made by an outstanding Russian scientist-encyclopedist N.�.Morozov (1854-1946). But he also couldn't get the correct, final chronology. His reconstruction was raw and, in general, also mistaken, although in a much less degree, than the prevailing today version.

Starting from 1973 the problem of restoration of the correct chronology of the Ancient Time and the Middle Ages was studied by A.�.Fomenko, and then – at the initiative and under supervision of A.�.Fomenko – by a group of mathematicians, mainly from the Moscow State University. Although this activity is not the main for us (our professional interests lie in the field of pure and applied mathematics), it required much of our time and forces.

Let's in general explain what the issue is. A reader, interested in the scientific side of the problem, can learn the history of the problem and the proposed by us mathematical methods of dating of the ancient events, addressing to the first three books of the seven-volume book "Chronology".

The purpose of the scientific project "New Chronology" is creation of the reliable independent methods of dating of the ancient and medieval events. This is a difficult scientific problem, solution of which required application of thin methods of modern mathematics and vast computer calculations.

The received results let us state that in the given to us at school version of the ancient and medieval history there are numerous serious mistakes. And the reason of these mistakes is in incorrect chronology. The built by us with mathematical methods new chronology seriously differs from the chronology of J.Scaliger and D.Petavius, which is still used by historians. This last is a result of the activity of the schoolmen of the XVI-XVII centuries and, as appeared, is roughly wrong. These mistakes, in their turn, lead to deep distortion of the whole picture of the universal history in general.

One may ask: why professional mathematicians turned to chronology? Today it is a widespread opinion that the chronology is a section of history. An answer is the following. Actually the chronology is a section of the applied mathematics. The task of chronology is to determine the date of the event that is a figure! This task could be put as a mathematical one. Moreover, chronology was considered a section of mathematics at the epoch of its appearance, in the XV-XVI centuries. The trouble is that the mathematics of that time was not able to solve the tasks (actually, rather difficult), appearing in chronology. It turned out to be in power only of modern mathematics with its developed methods and strong calculation means. At the epoch of the XVI century nothing like this existed. Probably, because of this chronology moved to the hands of schoolmen. Later it moved to the supervision of historians only. The chronology was called a secondary, - that is, not so important, - historical discipline and, figuratively speaking, pushed to the corner, thinking that everything done in it. Today we want to restore an old tradition and to return chronology to the field of applied mathematics.

In this difficult work tens and tens of people helped us. We are deeply thankful to all of them. Special thanks to �.N.Fomenko (co-author of our books "Celestial calendar of the ancients", <<Russian roots of "ancient" Latin>> and "Where are you, the Kulikovo field?"). Studies of history and geography of the Battle of Kulikovo were done in co-authorship with �.N.Fomenko, see the book: G.V.Nosovskiy, A.�.Fomenko, �.N.Fomenko "Where are you, the Kulikovo field?", issued in the series "New chronology, small row". It was �.N.Fomenko, who received many results in this field, in particular, in the reconstruction of the way of troops of Dmitry Donskoy and khan Mamay, analysis of the history of the Donskoy monastery and the history of Grebnya icon due to the Battle of Kulikovo, in particular, with the river Chura (see, for example, written by �.N.Fomenko section 14 in chapter 6). (Fomenko Tatyana Nikolaevna, mathematician, doctor of physical-mathematical sciences, an author of books and scientific articles on algebraic topology and geometry, theory of algorithms, associate professor of the department of mathematics of the faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of the Moscow State University).


A.T.FOMENKO, G.V.Nosovskiy
Moscow, Lomonosov Moscow State University