G.V.Nosovskiy, A.T.Fomenko

A unique life story of Mohammed Mohammed. The tables of Moses. The Yaroslavl meteorite of 1421. Appearance of steel. Phaeton


All the results of the present book are new and are published for the first time. Resting on our New Chronology and on the received with its help conclusions and analyzing ancient sources we show that the life story of Prophet Mohammed consists of several layers. It appeared that, in particular, here are included the tales about imperator Andronicus-Christ from the XII century, and also biblical tales about prophet Moses and commander Joshua Ben Nun from the XV-XVI centuries. By the way, the base of the life story of Mohammed is, probably, the data about famous Sultan Mohammed II the Conqueror from the XV century. It appeared that the famous Arabic conquest – this is Osman=ataman conquest of Eurasia (Biblical Canaan) in the XV-XVI centuries. Moreover, we provide bright correspondences between the "biographies" of the following governors: Sultan Mohammed II the Conqueror, tsar Ivan "The Terrible" (III and IV), Chan Ulu-Makhmet, Prophet Mohammed.

In the final chapter it is shown that the big iron meteorites, which probably fell near Volga, in Yaroslavl, in 1421, was reflected in the Bible, Islam, Christianity, and also in the "antique heathendom" of Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. For example, in the following tales: about the Black Stone of the Muslim Kaaba, about god-blacksmith Hephaestus, Prophet Elijah, Peter the Apostle, son of the sun Phaethon, in the Old Testament tales about the broken stone tables of Moses, the Arc of the Covenant, the Tabernacle etc. Such thorough attention of the ancient people to the fall of meteorite in 1421, as appeared, is explained by the fact that using this meteorite iron, the armorers of Russia-Horde invented the famous damask steel and opened production of an excellent steel and damask armors for the troops of the Great = "Mongol" Empire. When the stocks of the pieces of meteorite expired, the secret of damask steel was lost. This is good that the "antique" picture of the fall of Phaethon remained, on it we found out a signature of date by means of zodiac with horoscope. Astronomical analysis of the zodiac showed a good accordance with the date May 19, 1421 when, according to the Russian chroniclers, the "Novgorod", that is Yaroslavl, meteorite fell.

In appendix we analyze the ancient Chinese sources by means of astronomical methods and show that the known to us today written history of "Ancient" China started, most likely, only from the XVI century A.D.

It was many times noted in our works that we absolutely don't touch the issues of faith and theology. In particular, we don't discuss any church dogma. Only the issues of historical-chronological character are touched in the book. We write about this because some people try to distort demagogically the core of our studies and to present them allegedly as an interruption to the theological or dogmatic field. We repeat once again – our works on chronology, including the present book, don't touch any faith dogma of Islam, Christianity or any other church.

The proposed by us reconstruction is yet a suppositional. At the same time we answer for the accuracy of the calculated by us datings.

A.T.Fomenko, G.V.Nosovskiy
Lomonosov Moscow State University