G.V.Nosovskiy, A.T.Fomenko
Zodiac of Astronomy. Istanbul and Vatican. Chinese horoscopes.

Studies of 2008-2010


In Summer of 2007 we were in Rome and visited the Vatican palace of popes in search of the ancient zodiacs. We knew that there were zodiacs there, as one of them - zodiac ZP – was already studied and dated by us earlier. And already at that time it became clear that not only the "antique", but also late medieval history of Vatican had been seriously distorted. It was very interesting for us to find out – what exactly is hidden under the cover of these distortions? Everything, related to Vatican, seemed us especially important, as too much is connected with Vatican in the Scaligerian version.

And we were not mistaken. Thanks to the found out and dated by us Italian zodiacs, which successfully brought us many authentic dates of the Italian and universal history, we, probably, finally managed to puzzle out the AUTHENTIC history of Vatican.

We would shortly remind a dating of the mentioned Vatican zodiac ZP, dated by us earlier, see our book "Egyptian, Russian and Italian zodiacs". This zodiac is placed on the domes of the hall of Pontifexes – or so called "Hall of Popes" – in the showroom of Borgia of the Vatican palace. As astronomical calculations showed, the date June 24-30, 1670 A.D. is codified in it. This immediately denies the generally accepted opinion that the remained painting of the domes of the hall of Pontifexes in the Vatican palace was done allegedly in the first quarter of the XVI century at the time of pope Leo X (1513-1522). It is considered that "The hall of Popes, the first and more spacious of the showrooms of Borgia, was used for routs ... A fake dome, which replaced THE INITIAL MEDIEVAL CEILING WITH JOISTS, WHICH RUINED in 1500, at the time of Leo X was decorated ... with painting of Perino del Vaga with zodiacs, planets and constellations" [6], p.93.

Now we can correct the Italian historians. The old wooden ceiling in the hall of Pontifexes of the Vatican palace was changed for the existing today fake dome with a zodiac far not of the beginning of the XVI century, as it is considered, but ONE AND A HALF CENTURIES LATER. From one side, this puts some things at their places. From the other side, it starts to open a curtain of fake and fraud of the history of Vatican. Even from purely chronological point of view it turns out to be far not as it is being presented to us. For example, we are told that construction of the showroom of Borgia in the Vatican palace is dated with the end of the XV century. Consequently, in 1500, when allegedly it was necessary to change the ceiling of the hall of Pontifexes, it was rather new. What for to change a new ceiling? We are told that it has crashed down. Isn't it strange that the ceiling in the showroom of pope crashes down just in 10-20 years after its construction? While Italians are usually considered to be good constructors. Of course exceptions may take place. But, as we now start to understand, if the ceiling in the hall of Pontifexes was replaced not in 1500, but around 1670 – what is directly indicated by the astronomical dating of the painted on the ceiling zodiac – everything comes to its place. Strange exceptions immediately disappear. The old ceiling by the time of its replacement, as appears, was already nearly 200 years. Such ceiling really could crash down.

Of course the ceiling – this is minutiae. The issue is not in the ceiling. Another thing is important. THE GENERALLY ACCEPTED CHRONOLOGY OF THE VATICAN BUILDINGS TURNS OUT TO BE WRONG. But THE WHOLE HISTORY OF POPES AND VATICAN is very closely connected with the Vatican buildings. And the issue is about mistakes in the history of Vatican not in some ancient epochs but in the XV-XVII centuries A.D. That is not so far from our time.

As we already know well from our experience of historical studies, something interesting is nearly always HIDDEN under the wrong chronology. Most chronological mistakes appeared not occasionally. Of course, occasional mistakes also exist in chronology. But, first, there are not so many. Second, most occasional mistakes were made long ago, in the XIV-XV centuries. And these are SEPARATE, odd mistakes. And the wrong chronology in general is an offspring of much later inventions of the XVI-XVIII centuries. It actually represents an ARTIFICIAL CURTAIN, hiding some "dangerous" data from the society, which, according to the opinion of the creators of this curtain, the society shouldn't know.

What is hidden under the wrong chronology of the history of Vatican? What was the history of Vatican IN REALITY? Who were the Roman popes? When and how they FOR THE FIRST TIME appeared in Italy? What is Italian Rome, what is antique Rome and what is the difference between them? If it is the same city, as we are convinced by historians?

The answers on these questions are provided in the present book. They are received by us based on the studies and dating of the Italian zodiacs. These are yet suppositional answers – as any reconstruction of history. At the same time, the datings of zodiacs themselves are CORRECT. They clearly say that the Italian history in the view, in which it is presented today, is WRONG. In particular, the generally accepted today history of Vatican is wrong.

In the last chapter of the book all the known to us Chinese horoscopes are discussed. As a rule, they are too poor and inapplicable for independent astronomical dating. But one Chinese horoscope is really interesting and could be dated.

A.T.Fomenko, G.V.Nosovskiy,
Moscow State University,
June 2010